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We are proud to announce our strategic partnership
with ThinkEdu.

As a leading consultancy in the fields of intelligence gathering, debt collection, and investigations, ThinkEdu is the ideal education and training partner for us. We are excited to have Brad Lyons, a highly experienced consultant and expert in these fields, curate and deliver all of our refresher training.

We have joined forces with ThinkEdu to empower our clients with the essential expertise and know-how required to optimise the utilisation of Detective Desk.

This collaboration enables us to provide comprehensive training programs, video walkthroughs and a self-service Knowledge Base that provides valuable in-depth strategies to enhance the investigative capabilities of our clients and their teams, leading to heightened success with their skip tracing.

ThinkEdu provides our clients with the highest level of training and expertise in the industry, ensuring that our platform demonstrations and training activities are conducted with the utmost professionalism and efficiency.

Meet Brad

Brad Lyons is a renowned consultant with extensive experience in the banking and finance, debt collection, and investigation industries. With a passion for innovation and a drive to empower investigators with the necessary skills to excel in their field, Brad has created a range of cutting-edge tools and developed courses that have become the gold standard for the OSINT industry.

Brad's expertise and experience in debt collection, investigations, and development have played a critical role in various complex global investigations, ranging from missing person cases to cyber investigations. He has collaborated with multiple government agencies across different countries to resolve these cases, earning a reputation as an expert in his field.

With his exceptional knowledge and passion for the industry, Brad is dedicated to delivering educational experiences that go beyond superficial achievements, ensuring his students leave his courses equipped with invaluable expertise and a sense of self-assurance. His unwavering commitment to staying at the forefront of industry trends and advancements guarantees his clients receive the most up-to-date and relevant expertise, giving them a significant competitive advantage.


ThinkEdu is a global leader in education and training consultancy, established in 2012 and re-branded in 2018. We are headquartered in QLD and offer services worldwide. At ThinkEdu, we are driven by our core values of empowering our students with knowledge and expertise, ensuring their success in their chosen fields.

Our consultancy firm is committed to upholding our core values of integrity, ethics, and compliance. We specialise in debt collection and special investigations, providing invaluable assistance to our clients in mitigating risk effectively. Our expertise has enabled us to serve government agencies and private sectors, providing specialised guidance and support in conducting special investigations.

ThinkEdu has set itself apart from the competition by investing in the industry and engaging in the development of new technologies that drive advancements in intelligence gathering. Our training courses and consultancy services are rooted in real-world application, providing our clients with the most up-to-date and relevant expertise. We are proud to be the undisputed leader in intelligence gathering training and consultancy.

At ThinkEdu, we believe that the true measure of success lies not in mere certification but in empowering our students with profound comprehension and unwavering confidence in their acquired knowledge. We strive to deliver educational experiences that transcend superficial achievements, equipping our students with invaluable expertise and a sense of self-assurance.

Choose ThinkEdu for your education and consultancy needs, and experience the unparalleled level of service and support we offer.

Skip Tracing Courses

OSINT Fundamentals

Are you ready to explore the exciting realm of open source intelligence investigations but unsure of where to begin? Look no further than our comprehensive OSINT Fundamentals course.

Our extensive program leaves no stone unturned, delving into the core areas essential in the OSINT space and demonstrating how each facet can contribute to your skip tracing endeavours. Whether you're an aspiring novice or a seasoned investigator, our meticulous step-by-step guidance will empower you with the indispensable skills and techniques to conduct OSINT investigations with confidence.

Don't delay your progress any longer. Start your transformative journey today and elevate your investigative prowess to unprecedented heights with our OSINT Fundamentals course.

OSCI Course

Are you ready to elevate your investigative skills to unparalleled heights? Look no further than our Open-Source Intelligence, Skip Tracing & Cyber Investigations course.

From the intricacies of skip tracing and cyber investigations to the nuances of criminal investigations, our OSCI course covers a broad spectrum of essential knowledge. Prepare to immerse yourself in a world of real-world skills, including URL manipulation, image analysis, GEO intelligence, and much more.

But that's not all. We go beyond technical expertise and delve into the business aspects of the industry. Discover invaluable insights on potential clients, report templates, rates to charge, and effective marketing strategies, equipping you with the tools to thrive in your own investigative business.

Don't settle for mediocrity. Unleash your full potential and embark on a transformative journey with our advanced OSCI course.

Debt Collection Courses

Debt Collection Guidelines Compliance Course

Designed to go beyond the basics, our comprehensive program provides you with a deep understanding of the guidelines and equips you with practical knowledge on how to effectively apply them in real-world scenarios.

Say goodbye to mere memorization. Our course focuses on fostering a genuine comprehension of the guidelines, empowering you to navigate complex compliance requirements with confidence. By truly understanding the principles behind the guidelines, you'll not only ensure adherence but also enhance your overall collections performance.

Don't settle for surface-level knowledge. Elevate your compliance game and embark on a transformative learning experience with our Debt Collection Guidelines Compliance Course. Gain the expertise needed to navigate the intricacies of debt collection regulations, mitigate risks, and achieve unparalleled success in your collections endeavours.

Debt Collection Course

Maximise your collections revenue and achieve exceptional compliance outcomes with our cutting-edge Debt Collection Course.

With a proven track record of success, our program adopts a dynamic coaching approach that has transformed the performance of individual collectors. Our dynamic coaching has resulted in revenue increases exceeding 220% and notable cases with over 300% collected revenue.

What sets our course apart is the personalised attention and tailored instruction provided through our immersive face-to-face training. Our expert instructors will guide you through industry-leading techniques, with a focus on practical application and real-world scenarios, you'll be equipped to overcome challenges, enhance your efficiency, and unlock unprecedented revenue potential.

Join our community of successful collectors and discover the transformative impact of our personalised coaching, unrivalled expertise, and industry-leading strategies. Your journey to unparalleled success starts here.

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After completing my Advanced Skip Tracing with Thinkedu, i have nothing but praise and recommendation for Brad Lyons. His knowledge in the skip tracing and debt collection industry is second to none. Brad is highly respected and very professional and is the go to person in Australia for very challenging files. His continual support and encouragement make Brad a very easy business man for recommendation to anyone in the industry. Brad has a great support network during his course's but most importantly after you have completed his course which is great peace of mind.

Darren Whiteman
Director of GST

Brad's understanding of the principles and best practices of Skip Tracing are second to none. His training style is engaging and relevant and I can not recommend Brad highly enough. If you are new to the industry or an experienced operator you will leave any of his training sessions with a greater comprehension of what is needed to be a great operator in either the Debt Collection, Field Agent or Skip Tracing and Location sector. His passion for the industry is contagious and will leave you with a desire to grow and further develop your skills for the benefit of your clients and company.

Kevin Bradbury
Proprietor of Vanguard Mercantile

Today I completed my Skip Tracing & Cyber investigations course further enhancing my investigative abilities and providing me with the knowledge to approach cases from a completely new angle. I highly recommend Brad Lyons and ThinkEdu for anyone looking for training in this area.

Andrew Davis
Director of Investigation Services Group

Having completed the OSCI course very recently, I feel it worthy to make comment. Not only is this course well-written and abundant with relevant information, but the guidance provided by Brad Lyons is second to none. The world of OSINT, Skip Tracing and Cyber Investigations can feel incredibly overwhelming at first glance; but with some self-motivation combined with the support of hashtag #Thinkedu , completion of this course will have you feeling confident in your understanding of the intricacies of the industry. Congratulations to the team at Thinkedu for providing a wealth of knowledge in such an accessible manner. I am forever grateful.

Samantha Kiss
Founder of Enigma Pi

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