Empowering Positive Change through Charitable Endeavours

At Detective Desk, we take pride in our advanced tools and expertise that have established us as a leading resource for various industries. However, we also recognise the importance of giving back to society as we continue to grow and succeed.

Detective Desk proudly collaborates with charitable organisations to support causes that align with our core values. Therefore we passionately advocate for and support various charitable organisations, such as the RSPCA and Project Karma, to create a tangible, positive impact in our communities.

We take pride in using our success as a catalyst for meaningful change, empowering individuals and organisations to make a difference in the lives of those in need and contributing to causes that are close to our hearts. Our continued success has empowered us to use our resources and influence
to create a better future.

With Detective Desk, you're not just accessing exceptional search capabilities - you're also partnering with a company that values compassion, empathy, and community building.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) is a highly esteemed Australian non-profit, community-driven charity that has been providing services to promote animal welfare for over a century and a half. Their mission statement: Helping animals, enlightening people, changing lives.

Chief Inspector Daniel Young from RSPCA QLD has previously communicated to us:

Detective Desk is of enormous assistance to RSPCA Qld in our investigations and prosecutions. Being able to quickly locate people, corroborate identities, addresses and phone numbers, and link suspects means we can prosecute more people more often, we can finalise investigations that would otherwise remain outstanding, and we can do all of this in a more timely fashion than before.

It’s easy to use, extremely versatile, and delivers results quickly and in an easily manageable format. The search function is not fickle like many others which get hung up on correct spelling. So it’s perfect to use when you have some information, but not necessarily the perfect information or all the information.

Since Detective Desk have come onboard we have seen a major increase in efficiency within the Inspectorate Department. We are very thankful for Detective Desk’s ongoing commitment to helping RSPCA combat animal cruelty.

Glen Hulley founded Project Karma in 2015 with a simple yet noteworthy vision of ‘a world where children live free from the threat of sexual exploitation’.

Project Karma is a not-for-profit charity that endeavors to fight child sexual exploitation both here in Australia and South East Asia. Detective Desk is proud to support Project Karma for their important role they play in making our world a better place.

We recently received the following communication from Glen Hulley:

We appreciate Detective Desk’s support in providing their platform pro bono to Project Karma as a tool to assist our investigators.

We often use Detective Desk in conjunction with various types of data interrogation tools specifically to confirm or verify the identity and location of Australian suspects implicated in reports that we receive of sexual crimes committed against children in both Australia and overseas.

On occasions, information that we have obtained via the Detective Desk platform has formed part of evidence contained in official Case Summary Reports that we have furnished to Australian and international law enforcement agencies which has in turn lead to official police investigations into these types of crimes and on occasion, has lead to arrests of Australian citizens accused of sexual assaulting or sexually exploiting children in both Australia and overseas.

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