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Detective Desk is the premier provider of skiptracing tools and data solutions in Australia. We are dedicated to staying at the forefront of our industry by constantly updating our advanced matching logic and incorporating the latest available datasets into our solutions.

We understand the importance of data integrity and security, and we invest heavily in protecting our comprehensive digital products and ensuring that all potential clients are thoroughly vetted. Our commitment to these values has earned us a reputation as a trusted and reliable provider in the market.

We are committed to upholding the highest standards of compliance with all relevant state and federal legislation, industry codes of conduct, and industry best practices, including the Privacy Act and Australian Privacy Principles. We maintain strict policies and procedures for collecting, holding, maintaining, using, and disclosing personal information to ensure that we meet these standards.

In addition to our commitment to compliance, we also prioritise data security. To this end, we do not use any cloud service providers for our market-leading SaaS products and instead rely on our own server infrastructure and hardware. This allows us to retain full control over our data and ensures that it is not routed overseas.

We believe strongly in data sovereignty and strive to maintain the highest levels of security in all of our processes. We are also ISO 27001 certified, which is an internationally recognised standard for information security management. By following these best practices, we can provide our clients with the confidence and reassurance that their data is safe and secure with us.

Our Leadership Team

The Leadership Team at Detective Desk is a group of highly skilled and experienced individuals who are committed to driving the company forward and ensuring its continued success and growth.

Beginning with the CEO to the heads of various departments, each member brings a unique set of skills and expertise to the table, and together they work to ensure that Detective Desk is able to meet the needs of its customers and achieve its goals.

This diverse group brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table, and is committed to making strategic decisions that benefit the company and its customers. With a focus on collaboration and open communication, our team is dedicated to creating a positive and inclusive work environment, and to supporting the development and growth of all employees.

From the Chief Information Security Officer who oversees the development and implementation of our overall information security strategy, to the Head of Support Services who ensures that all of our customers receive the highest level of service and support, the leadership team is focused on driving the company forward and delivering value to all of our stakeholders.

With a collective vision and a shared commitment to excellence, we work tirelessly to ensure that Detective Desk is always moving forward and positioned for growth.

Sam Magee

Chief Executive Officer

Sam is a seasoned professional in the Banking and Finance industry with over 17 years of experience in both public and private collection agencies. Originally from New Zealand, he has lived and worked throughout Australia for over 30 years. Sam has a wealth of knowledge and experience in building high-performing team cultures and managing change within organisations. He has achieved revenue records through innovative bulk campaign strategies, data washing, and automated debt collection workflows.

As the CEO of Detective Desk, Sam is dedicated to driving the success and growth of the organisation. He has a strong track record of driving business growth and profitability, and has developed and implemented strategic plans to achieve these goals. He works closely with his team to create operational strategies aligned with the company's long-term objectives and builds and maintains relationships with key stakeholders such as the executive team, clients, and customers.

Sam has also been instrumental in improving staff retention and site culture through reward and recognition programs and career development pathways. His leadership has resulted in a team of motivated and dedicated professionals who are committed to delivering excellent service to our clients.

Sam is committed to modernising Detective Desk's products and services, transforming and expanding the business, and enhancing our existing marketing capabilities. He is passionate about driving progress and innovation, and leads the organisation into new markets and implementing impactful change initiatives.

His vision for the company is to become the market leader in data solutions and to provide our clients with innovative and reliable services that exceed their expectations. With his extensive experience, dedication, and leadership skills, Sam is a valuable asset to the Detective Desk team.

James Campbell

Chief Information Security Officer

James is an experienced entrepreneur and technology leader with a passion for SaaS. Originally from Perth, Western Australia, James started working on personal software projects at a young age, which fueled his passion for software development and technology. After completing his studies, James moved to United States, and later, Silicon Valley in the mid-2000s where he worked on a variety of start-up projects, most of which were acquired by some of the biggest names in tech.

After his time in the US, James shifted his focus to the Australian data market and founded Detective Desk, a leading provider of data solutions in Australia. Under James' leadership, Detective Desk has evolved from a plucky start-up into the comprehensive search tool and lead contender it is today. His vision and dedication have been instrumental in the company's success, and he continues to drive innovation and growth as they strive to be the best in the industry.

More recently, James has taken on the role of Chief Information Security Officer at Detective Desk, where he is responsible for leading the company's overall information security strategy. In this role, he promotes a culture of role‑based security within the organisation and ensures that the company's data is protected at all times.

James is dedicated to designing and maintaining a robust security framework, which is crucial in protecting the company's physical and digital information assets and staying ahead of the latest security threats and technologies. He places a strong emphasis on data integrity and security, recognising their importance in the company's continued success.

James' expertise and leadership have been essential to Detective Desk's growth and success, and his ongoing commitment to innovation and security will continue to drive the company forward.

Toni Agbuya

Chief Financial Officer

Toni is a highly experienced financial professional with a strong background in accounting and management. She is a Certified Public Accountant and holds a Bachelor's degree in Accountancy from Angeles University Foundation and a Master's degree in Management from the University of the Philippines.

With over two decades of experience in the field, Toni has held various positions in the finance industry. Prior to joining Detective Desk, she worked as a Branch Accountant for a government-owned bank for a number of years before transitioning to the academic world where she held the position of College Instructor at Angeles University Foundation, and currently serves as the Program Chair for Accountancy.

Toni's wealth of expertise and experience makes her an invaluable asset to Detective Desk. Her financial management and accounting skills, combined with her passion for teaching, ensure that the company's financial operations are in capable hands.

David Hawke

Head of Support Services

David is an accomplished professional with over 30 years of experience in software development, education, and training. His extensive knowledge and expertise in providing high‑quality support to customers make him an invaluable member of our team. Prior to joining our company, David was an educator, further demonstrating his passion for education and knowledge sharing.

As the Head of Support Services, David oversees all support operations, ensuring that his team delivers exceptional service to our customers. He is a natural problem-solver, always seeking ways to improve and optimise our support services. David's ability to build strong relationships with customers is a key factor in their loyalty and satisfaction with our company.

In addition to his professional accomplishments, David is known for his collaborative and approachable personality. His commitment to excellence and dedication to his team's success make him an asset to our company.

Cherry Ambatali

Customer Experience Professional

Our Customer Experience extraordinaire has been with the company for over 5 years and has played a crucial role in the success of our organisation.

In addition to her impressive professional skills, Cherry is also known for her warm and friendly personality. She has a natural talent for building relationships and has helped to foster a positive and collaborative work environment within our company.

As a Customer Experience Professional, Cherry is responsible for ensuring that our customers have a positive and satisfying experience with our products and services.

This includes managing customer inquiries and complaints, identifying opportunities for improvement in our customer onboarding, and working closely with other teams within the company to implement changes that will enhance the customer experience.

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