Data Washing

Search, Verify, Enhance and Clean via our comprehensive yet user friendly self-service data washing portal.

Don't let outdated data hinder your business - update and revitalise your CRM with Detective Desk today!

Looking to refresh and update your customer data? Detective Desk offers data washing services to help you clean and append new or corrected information to your existing records. Our self-service and automated process allows you to quickly update and improve all of your Australian contact data within hours.

Keep your customer records up-to-date and accurate with Detective Desk's data management solutions. With over 10 years of experience, we have the expertise to search, verify, enhance, and clean your individual and company data, using a wide range of sources. Our cost-effective solutions help you maintain the quality of your CRM and ensure that your business stays connected with your clients.

Address Validation

Increase operational efficiency and reduce unnecessary costs by ensuring your addresses are accurate in order to secure the maximum possible bulk mail discount and eliminate undeliverable mail.

Accurate addressing lets you stay in touch with your subjects, improve compliance contact rates, and may reduce costs by lowering wastage and increasing customer retention. Validate your customer address information against our extensive data set, making sure the address information is complete and captured correctly.

In addition to cleaning and verifying your address supplied is correct as per DPID and GNAFPID, data washing resolves any incorrectly inputted CRM addresses via user error. We will also provide the properties Last Known Occupant via full name, DOB and display their Last Seen Date.

Individual Washing

At a minimum, data washing requires an individual subject's full name and date of birth in order to supply your business with the most accurate results. For example, a wash with full name and date of birth would return items such as a Lead Mobile, a Lead Landline and a Lead Address.

Additionally, providing a Mobile Number will also supply you with the Last Known Owner of the number via full name. This new lead data is very useful in ascertaining if your subject has moved address or changed contact details, getting you back in contact faster and more cost effectively than a full time staff member skiptracing.

Bulk Ping Washing

Enhance your outbound dialler campaigns with our bulk ping washing service. Our platform has been designed to improve contact rates for call centres by verifying and updating the accuracy of your customer data in bulk.

Simply upload your existing customer information and let us do the rest! Bulk Ping is designed to save your call centre money on employee downtime by identifying which numbers are currently in use and which are disconnected. Preview the costs of your bulk ping before execution and get detailed information about the connection status and telco provider of the numbers.

Improve the success of your email campaigns by using our bulk ping washing service to verify the status of your customer email addresses. Our platform will help you identify which emails are active, saving you time and resources by eliminating failed attempts to reach disconnected or invalid addresses.

ASIC Data Washing

Improve your company's commercial business data accuracy and completeness with ASIC Data Washing, our powerful service for business data cleansing and enrichment.

Our tool matches your subject company to a trove of additional information using just one piece of information such as the ABN or ACN. Our column mapping options for ABN, ACN, Individual/Company Name, and Australian Domain make it easy to use.

With ASIC Data Washing, you can access information such as the ABN status, business name, address count, domain count, ASIC type, ASIC status, officeholders on file, shareholders on file, trademark count, and more.

By using this powerful tool, you can save time and resources while ensuring that your CRM is up-to-date and accurate. Don't let outdated data hinder your business - renew and update your CRM with ASIC Data Washing today!

Premium Data Washing

We are currently in beta-testing for our Premium Data Washing service which includes but is not limited to:

Company Data — providing marketing data on a company, linking it to ASIC/ABR data & Emails

Director Check — utilises name and DOB identifiers to provide current & past directorships

Property Ownership — utilises name and address identifiers to match real property ownership in NSW, QLD and WA

Bankruptcy Court Check — performs name level matching against bankruptcy applications made before the courts in Australia

Court Action Check — utilises name, address and DOB identifiers to check for bankruptcies, default judgements and writs across all of Australia

These batch task wash & append actions have applications across industries for your businesses CRM data integrity, collection activity, banking & finance KYC or fraud detection.

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