Detective Desk Alerts

Stay one step ahead with Detective Desk Alerts - never lose touch with your customers with our accurate and up-to-date Alerts whenever your customer changes address or contact details.

Introducing our most successful product to date:
Detective Desk Alerts!

Are you tired of receiving
outdated tenancy alerts with
incorrect contact information?

Is your current alert provider not equipped to remove duplicates or verify address data?

Don't settle for broken address information and incorrect mobile numbers from your current alerts provider. Switch to our enhanced Alert product to experience accurate and reliable notifications.

Engineered for quick results, our system provides daily matches to your supplied watch list. Simply upload a file containing the full name and DOB of subjects of interest through your Admin account and specify an email address for the Alerts. We'll handle the rest!

We'll keep you updated on any changes to your subject's address, phone number, or email address. Plus, we'll link this contact information to their social media accounts, like LinkedIn, for greater visibility on their employment status. Perfect for KYC and recovery action purposes.

Say goodbye to outdated alerts and hello to accurate and timely leads with Detective Desk Alerts!

What is an Alert?

An alert is an automated match to someone you're trying to find. We receive thousands of new records every day, and we can match those records to your books to provide you with up-to-date and accurate contact information.

You will receive a verified residential address, an active mobile number, email address and where possible - matched Facebook and LinkedIn profile of your subject.

Why is this superior to residential tenancy data?

Tenant information is often added during the course of a new rental application, however only the subject's prior address is entered when supplying their database. Simply put, this rental data is often taken 1-2 weeks before their subject's property move-out date.

Our Alerts come from customers that are not in the process of moving, and therefore the value of the address data is significantly improved. Non-rental data significantly increases your chance of finding your subject at the address provided.

We ‘duplicate check’ our data so there is less chance of paying 5-10x for the same Alert. We also match against the full name, so you're not being forced to pay the same for Michael as Michelle.

Why aren't these datasets included in regular Search or Data Wash?

Our licensing agreement does not allow us to include this data in our regular dataset for 180 days after we acquire it. However this also gives you a competitive edge with access to records that are fresh and not available to our regular subscription customers.

Why provide Facebook and LinkedIn match data?

Social media provides potential leads for a skiptrace on 3rd parties, verify a subject, or simply determine their employment status. We match all of our alerts to social media wherever possible, so you can get onto doing your job faster.

Data Integrity & Compliance

In order to be fully privacy compliant, we retain full opt-in metadata for each record. All of the subjects included in our data set have agreed to our terms and conditions for use.

Whilst column mapping options exist for ABN, ACN, Individual/Company Name and Australian Domain - we only require one of these fields to be filled in order to match your subject company to a trove of additional information.

We go to the additional lengths of ‘pinging’ all mobile phones and email addresses supplied to ensure that they are connected at the time of data acquisition. Performing this connectivity test avoids your staff unnecessarily contacting disconnected phone numbers or sending emails that will inevitably bounce.

Not all Alerts will be delivered with every data field completed. This is because we actively test our data and prefer to hide fields that do not match our quality standards. We don't want you paying for what you can't use!

Alerts ‘Match Quality’ Scoring

Our system matches records by first name, last name and DOB. Due to how the data is collected, we provide different levels of matching against names. In order of highest accuracy to lowest:

  • Exact - First name and last name match exactly, ensuring accurate identification for your subject
  • Stripped - We've removed the punctuation to make a match, for example O'Connell and OConnell are treated as the same last name
  • Nickname - We've matched a common nickname, such as Mike with Michael
  • Fuzzy First - We made a one character change to the first name to get match, for example from Matthew to Mathew
  • Fuzzy Last - We made a one character change to the last name to get a match, for example from Daniel to Daniels
  • Soundex Last - We made a match based on surnames sounding the same, for example Dawn to Dorn
  • Partial - We matched the last name correctly, but only matched the first name based on the first three characters, for example Michale to Michael
  • Soundex Partial - Our lowest quality match where the first three characters of the first name match and the surnames sound similar. This should only be used as a last ditch effort to locate a subject

We understand that it's important for you to have confidence in the results you receive. That's why we offer the ability to preview your results before committing to a purchase. This way, you can be sure that you're getting exactly what you need.

Plus, you have the option to choose the quality level and type of contact details that best fit your needs. This flexibility allows you to tailor your purchase to your specific requirements, ensuring that you get the most value for your money.

Why use us?

  • Find new contact information for subjects as if you had a staff member working 24/7
  • All data sets included were very recently provided, not months old
  • Premium datasets not available in regular search for 180 days
  • Fully privacy compliant opt-in data sources
  • Preview matches and available data before spending credits
  • Only purchase results with the fields that you require
  • All mobile/email results pinged and addresses matched against postal records

You can pay upfront in order to receive a 10% discount over 12 months. Alert credits do not expire. To view our current pricing, please refer to our Tiered Pricing Business Plans.

Alternatively you can give us a call on 1300 894 543 to talk with our experienced Sales team about getting you set up today. We're here to help!

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